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The J’Ba Fofi – Giant Spider of The Congo

Among the world’s most feared, despised and revered creatures are spiders. They appear in legends and myth from Greek Mythology to African folklore, and even appear as a 150 foot geoglyph in the Nazca desert in Peru. Spiders come in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from very tiny (the Samoan Moss spider measuring

Pryor Mountain Little People [The Nirumbee]

The Pryor Mountains is a mountain range located on the Crow Reservation and Custer National Forest in the state of Montana, U.S.A. These mountains are also home to a ferocious race of little people, that the Crow Nation call the Nirumbee. The Nirumbee are said to be eighteen inches tall, with large heads, pointed teeth,

Rise of the Melanistics

Imagine for just a minute that you’re walking in the woods, or a field or simply stepping outside your back door.  Now imagine that just a few hundred feet in front of you is a wild animal, any common wild animal, a cat, a wolf, or even a bird.  Now imagine that animal is all
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